About Serenity

Serenity is a construction company started and based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Through growth and expansion we now have an office and presence in Park City Utah. Established in 2005, we have been building strong relationships and completing quality projects for 8 years. Clients have come to rely on us for a wide variety of projects including office and home remodels, home construction, commercial construction, general contracting, and a wide range of project management.

We look to build significant relationships with companies and individuals who share in a common vision of responsible building. Clients who believe as we do in giving back to our communities, there employees, and the businesses we serve.

We take Project Management to a new level in service and delivery that in return allows our clients to trust and rely on us. We show our unwavering commitment to their projects by offering quality service in every project that is presented. We strive to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner. By instilling confidence in our product and service we gain our clients respect and create new lasting working relationships.

Our team is made up of experienced, loyal, knowledgeable and passionate individuals that enjoy all aspects of construction from conception to completion. Our body of experience has been diverse and we reference those experiences and knowledge gained to more efficiently manage projects and see the big picture of our clients’ goals and aspirations. We are focused on long term commitment to our clients, not only finishing a project efficiently, but establishing trusted relationships that have us doing repeat work time and again for our clients.

Jeremie Moore

Jeremie, the owner and chief visionary of Serenity Inc., has an extensive background in all types of construction from the development phase, permiting, design, estimation, hands on experience, project management, to general contracting. Through his dedication to our clients Jeremie has been asked from time to time to take on other management roles and brings his knowledge and experiences to every project we complete. He will do whatever it takes to ensure trust in our company and protect its integrity.

A great example of Serenity Inc’s.diversity, was the completion of a hotel remodel. Through an established relationship with the first ownership group Serenity oversaw two remodels, management of the hotel, transfer of ownership, and ultimately acting as the General Contractor for the complete renovation of a 90 room Hampton Inn. Jeremie draws on his vast business knowledge and understanding of project management to see a project through the entire process.

Liz Sedler

Liz Sedler has been with Serenity since 2006, a graduate of the University of Dayton, she has worked her way up through the company from accounting intern, director of project design to project manager. She has a background in accounting, entrepreneurship, and management. Her accounting background is a great asset for keeping track of project expenses and record keeping. Her management and entrepreneurship background have been invaluable in solving project issues during construction. Liz’s diverse experiences bring to the table outside of the box techniques and solutions to our projects. She recently completed a 3 million dollar project in the Caribbean and is ready to tackle her next big project. Reliable, organized, creative and fun loving, Liz truly enjoys every aspect of construction and believes that it should be an enjoyable stress-free process for everyone involved.